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dollhouse shelves

I’ve wanted built in book shelves for the den for awhile now. It’s a bit cost prohibitive to start just yet, with so many projects going and not a lot of free time. But the ideas keep bouncing around and can’t be stopped so I went ahead and knocked out a #miniature version for the #dollhouse
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Photogrammetry scanner experiments

I put together this photo scanning rig for doing some experiments with #Photogrammetry just using some #ginirig support, my #canon 60d a #GoPro and battery operated LED lighting. My hope was for something that could be hand held, but this prototype is a bit too heavy and awkward still. I created a #miniature set of #terrain with plenty of challenges, lots of mesh, occlusion, and areas that would be difficult to capture/reconstruct.

Servitork and Electrork priests

Dreamforge hands

The knuckles are individually jointed and posable! I know I was planning to go off the rails and #kitbash this but going to follow the book just a bit more. #dreamforge #model #miniature #knight #40k

Robot factory

More work in the robot factory. Added a little detail to the #trailer and have the chassis and legs for both the #gamesworkshop #knight and #dreamforge #leviathan magnetized and interchangeable. Need to get the heads, arms and armor set up to be modular next. #modeling #miniature #terrain

Inquisitor Quixote pt2

Still not totally satisfied with the weapons and equipment, and want to make him more WYSIWYG, but will have to come up with the right arms and weapons to magnetize, and I’d like to avoid breaking the pose I have so far. I realized that since I have been using this guy as an #Ironstrider he ought to have a larger base, and this gives me a chance to bring more characters and story to the model. I picked out a few side characters and am planning to magnetize them all to a little diorama. #40k #miniature #admech. . .

Castellax pt2 church tank

Checking how the assembled #castellax fit in their alcoves next to work out how to magnetize the arms and weapons #30k #model #inq28 #40k #miniature I’m particularly happy with the way they fill the alcoves and the overall look of the #churchtank especially with the LED lights in it

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