Cement mold

My Instagram Post 19 September 2017

Prepped another #lifecast mold for some #cement casting. This time I filled it with scrap metal, chicken wire and gears, and rather than make it a full block I’ve hollowed out negative space for the head shape. I’m hoping this comes out to be the head of my #DonQuixote #sculpture


Cambot test move


This is the first time I’ve had all 4 axis moving, so I had to run through a shot. This was a test move, just quickly swinging around some of my #sufferthewitch models on my stage and animating some lights. I didn’t get out the stop watch and plan the shot out for any storytelling aim, just wanted to see the #moco rig in action

Cambot is ALIVE

All four axis are working now. It was a serious game of trial and error and process of elimination, and in the end I determined I must have a short in channel 4. But this was only after the logic puzzle of trying each combination of motor/driver/channel/wire.
Fortunately this Biolapse card has six available, so I was able to move everything from 4 to 5, then tune the steppers and it’s ALIVE!

Cambot update 9/17

I’m a bit stuck working on #Cambot. It should be able to perform programmed camera moves, and mechanically it works.  I figured now would be a good time to do a video, showing what’s going on. I’m particularly fond of the gearing on the pan tilt head. I’m just stuck on the electronics.

I’d been wiring the arduino directly to some easy drivers, but that wasn’t working out so well. The wires were a spaghetti mess, and I never got more than one axis moving at a time. Ended up letting the magic smoke out of like four steppers.

Three projects on the work bench today, all involving soldering! Setting up #arduino controlled lights for the spaceship model, repairs to my #3dprinter, and a major upgrade to #cambot @biolapse hooked me up with an awesome etched shield to hold motor drivers #art #moco #motioncontrol

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I got this awesome board kit from Biolapse, so spent awhile soldering it up. I happened to have a bunch of smaller stepperdrivers from my  burnt out #3Dprinter ramps board and got it all together wired up to power and the nema17 stepper motors of the rig and looking good to me.

When I power it up the most I’m getting now is a slight vibration from one axis, not much torque, or rotation. The rest of the axis; nothing.

Lots of things I think it could be just not sure where to begin. I’m really reluctant to tear it all apart looking for the problem. That rearrange plugs, then test trial and error is exactly how I burned up so many drivers before. Just don’t know where to begin #troubleshootinghell

Bad soldering; there were a lot of points, and as much as I thought it went well, it’s always possible it didn’t flow/connect or something. But it seems unlikely I missed so much that all but one don’t work at all. I’d expect more mixed results.

Crossed wiring; the stepper motors might be plugged in the wrong order. I tried to be aware of which were the a/b coils of them but could easily have misread the diagram, and these are mismatched anyway so colors may not be reliable. It could even be a short in the leads to the motors.

The stepper drivers might need to be tuned, or could be bad. Only one of the stepper drivers I hooked up was new. The rest came from my old ramps board, which had been put out of commission when he heated bed power terminal burned up. It’s possible they don’t work now,  But the rest of the board had been alright at the time.

Never suffer the Witch.

Created for the contest; The Inquisitorium/INQ28 ‘Never Suffer the Witch’ Miniature Challenge!



Here is the full gallery of high res images, enjoy!

Rather than just make a single mini, I decided to finish up a whole squad of #Greyknight terminators, as well as a crashed #derelict ship for terrain and something for them to encounter, the mysterious #Cogitor, the living brain of an ancient being, preserved for millennia aboard the ship.

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Just working on editing a video about my #cambot #motioncontrol rig. I feel like it’s close but keep running into little complications and expect to need advice soon so I thought I’d put together a full run down #stopmotion


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Took some proper photos of the #greyknight Inquisitor party exploring the #derelictship and questioning the ancient #cogitor #stopmotion #40k #sufferthewitch #inq28

Took some proper photos of the #greyknight Inquisitor party exploring the #derelictship and questioning the ancient #cogitor #stopmotion #40k #sufferthewitch #inq28

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