Pano pipeline

Looking at pano/latlong/cubemaps in Ue4 for VR

I spent the weekend trying to set up a pipeline for myself to go from some panos I shot into a VR scene. Its trickier than I anticipated.

Stitch pano in PTgui – export equirectangular – hugin/panotools export cube faces – stitch as .DDS in photoshop with nvidia plugin – import to Ue – convert texture to material, unlit, 2 sided, with emissive texture – create sphere in maya with inverted normals, import to Ue – apply DDS material to sphere…

…only to discover there is a ptgui watermark, and either the texture isn’t getting applied to the sphere correctly, or orientation of faces in the DDS were off, or something else… what a mess!

Anyway, that was my whole weekend, haha, I keep making steps to get closer to the plug and play world-building, photogrammetry to VR pipeline, but man, sometimes they are baby steps!

Shellmen 2018


500 POSTS!

Sorry for the spam lately. I discovered the scheduled posts I had set up never went through, so now I had over a year of posts waiting in the queue, and some that traced back even further!

Den Display Case pt1

Zen and the art of flat packed furniture. Listening to Pirsig and hacking some #billy bookcases into built in display cases for the den.

Here us the #hack that I’m working out, combining two #ikea #billy book cases to get a display cabinet as deep as I’d like for my #sculpture and #diorama

Electrork priests and Servitorks

Painting in thin ink washes to build up the color slowly and let the pre shade of the primer do work for me. #painting #miniatures #orkdeptus #electrork #servitork

Geforce pt2

quick paint and weathering on this #terrain #40k #geforce #kitbash

Geforce terrain pt1

From my workbench over the weekend some #terrain in progress

.  .  .