Boba Fett’s Slave one


Pi cam progress

Working on some pi camera programming tonight. Just a simple interface that uses the gpio buttons on the adafruit screen I’ve got. Not a huge jump, but a little progress.

Handheld scanner

There is the idea;

Going to try and document the process as I try it,

Starting from here;

Now that I’ve managed to gather most of the parts, its time to start

It mentioned starting from a fresh Buster image,

Buster is now 16 months past and there is a new flavor, Raspberry Pi OS (previously called Raspbian) So I’m starting with it, downloading and imaging it with RaspberryPi’s own imager onto a 64gb card.

I hear I will need to solder my own power cord but that should be do-able, the micro usb does intimidate me a bit though

Installed teh image on card, slipped card into Pi and…

…realized my Pi harness is all wrong for this new Pi, with it’s USB c power, and tiny tiny HDMI plug… don’t think I even have an adaptor that small…

I should have thought of that!

Ran through great rest of my pi camera prototypes and testing them, managed to boot each and take a snapshot from each

Abandoned Knight

Decided that I’m not likely ever going to finish this knight as a knight and I’d rather display it as an old abandoned work in progress, so I made some scaffolding support out of laser cut scraps, and gave him a quick paint job. #Kitbash #terrain I like scaffolding.


Here is a Mek’s workshop, built from a looted mechanicus factory. Inside is a scale model of a mega gargant the Mek boss is using to guide his apprentice meks from. The walls and ceiling have been punched through to make rook as its grown. On the roof is “da bitz bin” a large tank of spare parts waiting to be pressed into use, and they have rigged a crane and Traktor beam to pull parts from it… Been back and forth on this last idea a bunch, just not sure, maybe adding some scaffolding from sprue and paint will sell it, otherwise perhaps its too complicated and doesn’t come across… #terrain #40k #ork #megagargant

Refinery Spruins pt2

Spruins I’ve got some paint on these now, just the main materials blocked out, which was pretty easy since its all going to be metal. I started with three shades of primer; grey black and white to get some variation and break up shapes while tying it all together with a bit of pre-shading. Then I sponged on a bunch of #stuartsemple silver paint, to get some reflective shine in areas, using a sponge to get some irregular patterning to it. After that I went back over it all with the #airbrush with some Vallejo black metal, to tone down the shone and hint at some burnt/oily surfaces. Next up, dirt and earth to ground it… #terrain #kitbash #weathering #necromunda #refinery