Castle Greyskull pt2

Added plaster over the foam on #castlegreyskull and am glueing sand for texture. Added a couple tubes for towers, some #citiesofdeath walls, floors and a chopped yogurt lid for the crown and solar dome #terrain #40k #knightshouse
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Castle Greyskull pt1

Challenging myself to make a quick castle from scrap this was about an hour in #castlegreyskull #miniature #terrain
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Some inspiration;

Mini Tanks

Got this big batch of resin parts today from #modelsandminis. Three little #minitanks along with a big bag of miscast parts. It’s going to be fun to put these together and kitbash. I swear I don’t just collect unpainted resin… I mean, I do that too but
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I’m very excited by these #minitanks #modelsandminis #kataphrork #40k #kitbash
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I’ve finished assembly and magnet installations and started the base colors on the #minitank squad. I haven’t decided which way to go with the final colors yet, torn between red and drab camo, but chipped #weathered and rusty either way. Each one has between 4 and 6 magnets so I can swap turrets and weapons for modularity #orkdeptus #admech #kataphrork #vdr #grottanks #modelsandminis
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Thanks to the generosity of an amazing coworker, I’ve got a ton of badass #30k #mechanicum #miniatures these are going to be fun, so many grimdark robots
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12 jumpy robots thallanx?

Four bigger robots

Two buggy robots

Snail boy

Zipper face and floaty drone

Loadr scan

Put together this photo scan set up with a coworker and scanned the puppet to see what results we could get. Wwe rotated the #loadr #stopmotion #puppet in front of a DLSR and flooded it with light, and shoot several angles/passes for #photogrammetry. Going to make a 3D asset out of it. #drabfuture

Garden gate

Been hearing chainsaws lately, knew they were clearing overgrown plants from the park, but just went out to the #secretgarden and our whole tree line is gone! Feeling so exposed now. Going to have to make that big wooden gate sooner than I’d thought…
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With the tree line gone I had to finally build and hang the garden gate I’ve been planning. Pretty happy with it, I wanted something strong and medieval looking, and accidentally seem to have made a monastery entrance #secretgarden
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Thanatar pt2

More assembly on the #Thanatar #model the legs were tricky since the hydraulics and supports for each were separate parts and I had to work out the pose as I glued them together. I went for a very static grounded pose to emphasize the size and bulk of him but I would dig doing another in a more active dynamic pose, the kit has a lot of potential. I’m still fighting the urge to magnetize him, May do the arms and shoulder cannon, but so far haven’t used any. #mechanicum #30k #40k #warhammer40k
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