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Y2K Peregrine

#y2kperegrine from @miniaturescenery I saw it when the prototype had just been made. This is a gift that has been on my workbench since August, it’s taken me that long to work up the nerve to begin. I don’t often do straight model kit builds, usually the instructions are the first thing to go and then I allow the kit to dissolve and digest into my bins until it can mutate into something new. I have to make an exception here, this kit is just too damn cool. The amount of design and detail placed into these flat interlocking laser cut parts. This is going to be a great build. #inq28 #miniature #kitbashing #lasercut #spaceship #starchild
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#Servitors #40k #miniature #painting #astropolis
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  1. Three of my #kitbash #model killakanz I used one of the metal #40k kanz which were so boxy I always thought they looked appliance like so I went with it and added plasticard with a few rackham parts, a couple barrels and miscellaneous vehicles parts. I haven’t done much with their paint yet, just had them out when I was cleaning my #airbrush
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Leto 2

Once again #leto2 has found his way to my workbench. This time just making adjustments to his face. I’d really like to call him done, cook the clay and start painting, but then in also still debating trying to make a mold of him and cast a small edition. I just know his face will want to catch air bubbles, so if I do it I really need to get out the pressure pot, and all, do it right… but the eagerness to be done might win out, and he may just be this one off. #dune #miniature #moldmaking
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Knight’s house

My mecha factory, #knightshouse It’s not done, still a lot of details left to add, clamps and servitors to build and repair the knights, more walkways and gantries… and as much as I enjoy seeing all the parts coming together I’m finding it too visually noisy, so it’s time. Time to prime. #kitbash #40k
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Ships crew

I’ve been wanting to start a spaceship build, but thought I’d better have a crew first, so I put this ragtag group together with models from #colony87 #astropolis and cp models. It’s nice to have an assortment of characterful non-coms to be my pilots. I had a hard time coming up with a color scheme that remained muted, but conveyed the right tone, and fought the purple I’d added initially, but I’m happy with how they came out
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I put this team together without knowing the goal, just a vague idea of a rebellious group of pilots and adventures, to work fro my noble house. But as I painted, as I often do, I started brainstorming their backstory and place in the world, and realized they weren’t simply Rogue traders, like I’d first thought but something more…
We don’t hear much from the Sensei these days, but I suspect the descendants of the Emperor are still out there, keeping out of the Eyes of the inquisition… 


  • Spent some time #welding more scrap steel into the legs and torso of my #DonQuixote commission #sculpture . I need him to be untipoverable before I trust the weight of the cast cement head. It already feels way more solid with the extra rebar in the base. I’m starting to see the silhouette again, and am debating where to cast more cement over him, or leaving the metal frame exposed, or making armor
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