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Orkdeptus hotel painting

Beginning to paint some #miniatures starting from a grey primer with white zenithal highlights and some Brown for metal weathering Seeing then in broad stroke paint helps tie together all the parts and shows the character #kitbash #orkdeptus #electork #servitork.  .  .

The Vault pt2

Progress on the #vault I added plaster and sand, and rigged a cast resin cog hinged up with some leftover laser cut scraps. Gave it a quick once over with paint and some flock. I’m pretty stoked with how well its come together for a basically 2 day build! #terrain #fallout #trashbash #kitbashing

.  .  .

I quickly brown painted the dirt/earth sections, I’m pretty happy with how these laser cut MDF scraps worked out for the framing

Then airbrushed the metal sections

Sponged in some highlights and added a bit of flock and a few drops of alcohol ink for the weathering/rust

Since I just finished reading Cryptonomicon I had to include a little joke with the vault number.


Painted four more #miniatures #zombicide
.  .  .

Vault door pt1

Found a little time for modeling over the weekend, making #terrain, started a vault door tile #fallout #trashbash #kitbash


I painted up my #killteam set over the weekend and got a couple games in over lunchtime at work today #admech #genestealercult #40k

Shellless men

No shells found in Manhattan beach, so pure clay #shellmen this year, #sculpture #polymerclay

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#drumph #tacotruck #photogrammetry
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