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Refinery Spruins pt1

I’ve been combining bottles, sprue, laser cut scraps, 3d print supports, random curft, a bunch of resin cast greeblies and a few broken up plaster ones, and a GW set to make this refinery set. I cut a sheet of hardboard to the size of a ikea billy shelf, for the overall footprint, to ensure it will be easy to display. Then I cut that board up for each of the modular parts so that it would be configurable on the table in a variety of ways. Next steps; primer, grout, sand, and paint… #terrain #refinery #40k #necromunda


Geforce terrain pt1

From my workbench over the weekend some #terrain in progress

.  .  .

Terrain weathered

Shot some #terrain over the weekend for photogrammetry reconstruction. Just some recent #kitbashing #spruins #40k
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