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Finished painting a loot crate for my L. Might go back and do more of a cel shade treatment, but wanted a splash of color. Also testing out a few new paints from #stuartsemple #black2.0 #3dprinting #borderlands3 #painting #miniatures.  .  .

Electrork priests and Servitorks

Painting in thin ink washes to build up the color slowly and let the pre shade of the primer do work for me. #painting #miniatures #orkdeptus #electrork #servitork

Terrain weathered

Shot some #terrain over the weekend for photogrammetry reconstruction. Just some recent #kitbashing #spruins #40k
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My first warhammer

Thrones 1992, 2000, 2018

Making Ink washes

This was my process for making my own ink washes; I used 4 or 6 small mixing cups, and picked 2 or 3 colors,

I started with about 50/50 water/pledge and a second cup water/matte with a few drops of ink,

I set up a ton of zombie minis. As I mixed I’d test on a mini, add more ink, more matte/polish test again.

Very unscientific but by the end I had a ton of finished minis and a few pots of ink washes I was happy with!


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Post Apoc Stripmall pt2

I wanted some signs and banners for the #stripmall #model so I chopped up some junk mail and made some #collage.

Think these will bring in some bright colors and liven it up a lot. It’s definitely odd working at this size but fun and I could chop with abandon since its was trash anyway, no need to be precious #trashbash #terrain
. . .Someone called Vince Michael at the Inq group on facebook has been doing excellent terrain and a feature thats popped up for me a few times now has been the little prayer flags, so I thought I’d add a few here as well, its a nice way to bring in a bit of color and texture.

I attached a fan mesh to the roof and bent it up, added the #collages inside the exterior window displays and chopped up some clear blister pack plastic to make smashed windows.

. . .I’m adding a mixture of sand, cement, and plaster chips for the ground texture and to blend things together. #wasteland #terrain #miniature

Fired up the #airbrush a bit, starting to build up base colors on the #strip mall and objectives, I wish I’d learned the silly putty masking trick earlier could have saved so many rolls of tape #model #terrain #painting
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23667964_297970297374068_5288835054850539520_nI spent some time this weekend #painting up all of my #zombicide models. I just did zenithal highlights and some experimental home made ink washes. I made 8 different colors using dr Martin’s inks with matte medium and floor polish. They could still use a couple rounds of details but I’m happy with this as a tabletop standard #miniature
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