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Making Ink washes

This was my process for making my own ink washes; I used 4 or 6 small mixing cups, and picked 2 or 3 colors,

I started with about 50/50 water/pledge and a second cup water/matte with a few drops of ink,

I set up a ton of zombie minis. As I mixed I’d test on a mini, add more ink, more matte/polish test again.

Very unscientific but by the end I had a ton of finished minis and a few pots of ink washes I was happy with!


thanks for reading!

another full cleaning,

Gave the #paasche #airbrush another full cleaning, cleared the tiny holes in the nozzle with a wire, added some Chapstick to make the tip seal better. I’m not getting any blowback now, but the pressure seems low, and it’s spitting #paint a bit. I still might need a new compressor and better consistency of paint. #art via Instagram http://ift.tt/1OIAJDB