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ink Washes!

22802129_520172365017205_2973076465093967872_nDid a bIt of experimentation making my own ink washes. Planning to see if I can do these #zombies entirely with home made washes #painting #zombicide #miniatures


I’m learningĀ  it reeeeeallly depends on the ink. The black ink I was using only took about four drops to get something decent for a weak wash in a small jar with 50% water and 50% floor polish, however the sepia burnt sienna and terracotta inks took about half the vial to get a wash not quite as potent.


#Servitors #40k #miniature #painting #astropolis


How does this happen ‘Just a little paint,’ I told myself, to make it look like ground. Some how several days of adding various types of sand and gravel, powdered pigments and glue were to follow. #terrain #painting #art #miniature

Painting cup

This was my painting cup for many years. A bit of swag, an espresso cup from the first #VFX shop I worked at #TheOrphanage I decorated it with a few spare bits from a @shiflettbros kit for good measure #art #painting via Instagram http://ift.tt/2iITfW6

Exploding sky

Exploding sky. Trying out a bit of #alcoholink on canvas borrowed from @lesrainwater its very cool the way it mixes and changes as it flows #art #painting via Instagram http://ift.tt/2u8RANj


People ask what kinds of paint I use. I usually reply acrylic, but there is a variety; Cheap craft paints in every color, GW and Vallejo, metal tones, inks, glazes and washes and Vallejo model airbrush paint. I went through and sorted all of my paints by type, tone, and value, and documented it so the next time I am buying supplies I can know where the gaps are in my pallet. #art #painting #modeling via Instagram http://ift.tt/2lB7UlX

Diggadeptus inquisitor

Diggadeptus inquisitor basecoated. I wanted to wait to share this one until I finished the last details, but he is to the 80% stage, where I usually hold off for fear of undoing and spoiling my work. So I figured I’d share him now. #40k #art #miniature #painting #kitbash via Instagram http://ift.tt/2kcrTGv