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Orktimus Prime

Many years ago, maybe 12? I took a #gamesworkshop #ork trukk kit and some ball and socket joints and kitbashed it into a cab over rig. Then carefully copied the design of the gen1 #optimusprime to make my own #OrktimusPrime I was heavily influenced by one I’d seen back on the waaagh forum and looted the idea. I’ve decided to revisit this model since my #robotfactory is giving me modular parts, and this guy always lacked weapons. It might finally be time to finish him up #kitbash #wargaming #transformers #40k
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Inquisitor Quixote, Ironstrider pt1

Inquisitor Quixote atop his ironstrider. I decided he needed a bit more armor and wanted him to be a bit more imposing on the table so I extended the hind legs of his mount #adeptusmechanicus #inq28 #modeling #kitbash #quixote #40k
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Y2k Peregrine lights

Let there be lights! I was scared to try lighting it but it was much easier that I expected.

Just three hours and bits I happened to have. Now it’s got three white #led in the floor, two red for the engines, three yellow for the crew compartment and cockpit and a green for the coffee maker.

Not the cleanest wiring job but seeing the wires through the floor adds to the nature of the #spaceship #model #kitbash #lights #40k #y2kperegrine #starwars
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March of the Four-armed Emperor’s children.


  1. Three of my #kitbash #model killakanz I used one of the metal #40k kanz which were so boxy I always thought they looked appliance like so I went with it and added plasticard with a few rackham parts, a couple barrels and miscellaneous vehicles parts. I haven’t done much with their paint yet, just had them out when I was cleaning my #airbrush
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Knight’s house

My mecha factory, #knightshouse It’s not done, still a lot of details left to add, clamps and servitors to build and repair the knights, more walkways and gantries… and as much as I enjoy seeing all the parts coming together I’m finding it too visually noisy, so it’s time. Time to prime. #kitbash #40k
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Truck progress 

Traveling traders truck. I’ve been slowly adding detail here and there, to make it lived in, some twine to secure the sail as the caravan top, balsa wood framing and side shelves. I made some #terraintutors style garbage bage alone with some resin cast trash cans, barrels and a skull. #modeling #miniature #travelingtrader #kitbash
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