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I painted up my #killteam set over the weekend and got a couple games in over lunchtime at work today #admech #genestealercult #40k

Inquisitor Quixote pt3

Added some primer preshading to this character model I’ve been #kitbashing I’m calling him #inquisitor #quixote and he fancies himself a knight errant with his incomplete livery. I’m trying a few modular ideas here, all the knight parts are magnetized to fit with the #imperialknight, and the large oval base he shares with his faithful companion sancho and books of chivalry has magnets to secure his calvary base so they can be treated as one model in the game #inq28 #admech #40k #adeptusmechanicus

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Inquisitor Quixote pt2

Still not totally satisfied with the weapons and equipment, and want to make him more WYSIWYG, but will have to come up with the right arms and weapons to magnetize, and I’d like to avoid breaking the pose I have so far. I realized that since I have been using this guy as an #Ironstrider he ought to have a larger base, and this gives me a chance to bring more characters and story to the model. I picked out a few side characters and am planning to magnetize them all to a little diorama. #40k #miniature #admech. . .

Mini Tanks

Got this big batch of resin parts today from #modelsandminis. Three little #minitanks along with a big bag of miscast parts. It’s going to be fun to put these together and kitbash. I swear I don’t just collect unpainted resin… I mean, I do that too but

I’m very excited by these #minitanks #modelsandminis #kataphrork #40k #kitbash

I’ve finished assembly and magnet installations and started the base colors on the #minitank squad. I haven’t decided which way to go with the final colors yet, torn between red and drab camo, but chipped #weathered and rusty either way. Each one has between 4 and 6 magnets so I can swap turrets and weapons for modularity #orkdeptus #admech #kataphrork #vdr #grottanks #modelsandminis


Not that I *need* to start a new model, but I found myself putting together this #mechanicum #thanatar this evening… Hobby ADD strikes again. #30k #warhammer #admech
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Starting to paint #cawl this model is intense! So many spidery limbs and cables, I’ve got to do him in sections.
More progress on #Cawl I was able to put all his little arms and wires on and get them painted up. A few parts so small I had to bring out the tweezers. Just one more round of details… isn’t that what I always say?
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servitork loader

Finally got the right little bits to finish this #kitbash off maybe one more long stare before I can call him ready for paint #art #miniature #40k via Instagram http://ift.tt/2sSnLS9