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Inquisitor Quixote pt3

Added some primer preshading to this character model I’ve been #kitbashing I’m calling him #inquisitor #quixote and he fancies himself a knight errant with his incomplete livery. I’m trying a few modular ideas here, all the knight parts are magnetized to fit with the #imperialknight, and the large oval base he shares with his faithful companion sancho and books of chivalry has magnets to secure his calvary base so they can be treated as one model in the game #inq28 #admech #40k #adeptusmechanicus

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Irata DonQuixote

Since my large commission #donquixote is based on this guy and I need to get it finished up, I thought it’d be good to post up a pic of the original sculpture

Inquisitor Quixote pt2

Still not totally satisfied with the weapons and equipment, and want to make him more WYSIWYG, but will have to come up with the right arms and weapons to magnetize, and I’d like to avoid breaking the pose I have so far. I realized that since I have been using this guy as an #Ironstrider he ought to have a larger base, and this gives me a chance to bring more characters and story to the model. I picked out a few side characters and am planning to magnetize them all to a little diorama. #40k #miniature #admech. . .


  • Spent some time #welding more scrap steel into the legs and torso of my #DonQuixote commission #sculpture . I need him to be untipoverable before I trust the weight of the cast cement head. It already feels way more solid with the extra rebar in the base. I’m starting to see the silhouette again, and am debating where to cast more cement over him, or leaving the metal frame exposed, or making armor

Head of DonQuixote

Head of #DonQuixote pulled from the mold and given a quick once over. Pretty happy with how he came out, the gears and metal look better than I’d expected. It’s pretty heavy though, and I’m feeling like I may need to reinforce the body frame even more before I even test it out. #art #sculpture

Cement in mold

#cementcasting head of #donquixote is just about ready to putt out of the mold, thinking of hitting it with a wire brush #art #sculpture

Mold prepped

Prepped another #lifecast mold for some #cement casting. This time I filled it with scrap metal, chicken wire and gears, and rather than make it a full block I’ve hollowed out negative space for the head shape. I’m hoping this comes out to be the head of my #DonQuixote #sculpture