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Inquisitor Quixote pt2

Still not totally satisfied with the weapons and equipment, and want to make him more WYSIWYG, but will have to come up with the right arms and weapons to magnetize, and I’d like to avoid breaking the pose I have so far. I realized that since I have been using this guy as an #Ironstrider he ought to have a larger base, and this gives me a chance to bring more characters and story to the model. I picked out a few side characters and am planning to magnetize them all to a little diorama. #40k #miniature #admech. . .


Got this #antique box with an old cutlery set. It needed new hardware to lock open. I lined the bottom with slate colored lino and the top half with red velvet pulled from the interior of an old #hearse Now I’m staining the teal part with instant coffee #art #box #killteam #blanchitsu via Instagram http://ift.tt/2jkerkh