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I painted up my #killteam set over the weekend and got a couple games in over lunchtime at work today #admech #genestealercult #40k

March of the Four-armed Emperor’s children.

Brood brothers

I painted these Guardsmen about 18 years ago, brood brothers for my Genestealer cult. It’s time to revisit this scheme since I just picked up a few characters to add to them #art #miniature #40k #genestealercult #mordianironguard via Instagram http://ift.tt/2vib81Y

Spaceship crash progress

I need to get this spaceship crash to a stopping point. I’m not sure I had any idea how big it wanted to be when I started it. Some times a project will spring up quickly and stall out just as quickly. It can become a problem if it expands to cover the workbench. #model #art #miniature #spacehulk #terrain via Instagram http://ift.tt/2tR9MfQ

Aberrant Arch Magus.

Aberrant Arch Magus. I just added some finishing touches/highlights to the paint, my standard 80-90% table ready standard. I tried to start with zenithal highlights and a bit of OSL. The colors got a bit overpowering on it, and perhaps a bit too cartoony. Pretty happy with the feel of him, think he’ll be a good big-bad for my campaign. #art #genestealercult #inquisimunda #kitbash #miniature via Instagram http://ift.tt/2ugvm92

Aberrant magus

Aberrant magus. Started the highlight and skin tone with my detail brush. This is about the 80% done, table ready point I usually get distracted at, hope I can finish him up #art #genestealercult #warhammer40k #miniature #kitbash via Instagram http://ift.tt/2tBg5iN

Airbrushed Aberrant

Airbrushed the first few colors on my #kitbash. trying out a little zenith all highlighting and sourced lighting . Going to do inks and washes next #art #warhammer40k #genestealercult via Instagram http://ift.tt/2s7yMgM