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  1. MFP 57 Chevy Pursuit. I’ve been wanting to do up a few cars in the classic #MadMax MFP colors for some #Necromunda ash waste Aribite bronzes for awhile now, but haven’t been able to track down a good #ford falcon kit, so I found this at CVS and figured the bronzes would make due with the best they could get ahold of. I did a quick rust/primer base coat, chipping medium, then airbrushed the colors in 3 passes, I started with a darker yellow, did a lighter more pure yellow second coat with just a bit less coverage, and a stippled a bit of the pure yellow with a sponge, then chipped it back and hand painted the letters #art #40k #madmax #miniature #chevy
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Cotton on an led candle makes cool smoke/fire lighting for the stacks #terrain #oscale #necromunda #diorama #readyplayerone #art via Instagram http://ift.tt/2mSJhCm