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Casting cement progress

I’m able to make about three per week and try to keep my molds full. It still takes awhile but I’m getting quite a collection of faces cast. I’ll be excited to have these filling my #sectetgarden #cement #art #kingdomdeath
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Kingdom death: monster pt1

After years on the fence, drooling over the artwork, the detailed sculpts, and dark lore, I’m now the proud owner of a copy of #kingdomdeath I was holding off on beginning the models until now because I’ve got some clever ideas about magnetizing them…
Starting the assembly of the prologue survivors and White Lion, planning to go very slow and give the attention to detail these models need #kingdomDeath #miniatures
I’m done with the basic assembly of the Prologue survivors and the White Lion, so subtle sculpts, really beautiful like classical marble of bronze. Gonna take some extra time on their cleanup and gap filling, then properly pin them to their bases. #miniatures #kingdomdeath