Head of DonQuixote

Head of #DonQuixote pulled from the mold and given a quick once over. Pretty happy with how he came out, the gears and metal look better than I’d expected. It’s pretty heavy though, and I’m feeling like I may need to reinforce the body frame even more before I even test it out. #art #sculpture
.  .  .

Cement in mold

#cementcasting head of #donquixote is just about ready to putt out of the mold, thinking of hitting it with a wire brush #art #sculpture
.  .  .

Truck progress 

Traveling traders truck. I’ve been slowly adding detail here and there, to make it lived in, some twine to secure the sail as the caravan top, balsa wood framing and side shelves. I made some #terraintutors style garbage bage alone with some resin cast trash cans, barrels and a skull. #modeling #miniature #travelingtrader #kitbash
.  .  .


How does this happen ‘Just a little paint,’ I told myself, to make it look like ground. Some how several days of adding various types of sand and gravel, powdered pigments and glue were to follow. #terrain #painting #art #miniature
.  .  .

Cambot test move


This is the first time I’ve had all 4 axis moving, so I had to run through a shot. This was a test move, just quickly swinging around some of my #sufferthewitch models on my stage and animating some lights. I didn’t get out the stop watch and plan the shot out for any storytelling aim, just wanted to see the #moco rig in action

Mold prepped

Prepped another #lifecast mold for some #cement casting. This time I filled it with scrap metal, chicken wire and gears, and rather than make it a full block I’ve hollowed out negative space for the head shape. I’m hoping this comes out to be the head of my #DonQuixote #sculpture
.  .  .

Cambot is ALIVE

All four axis are working now. It was a serious game of trial and error and process of elimination, and in the end I determined I must have a short in channel 4. But this was only after the logic puzzle of trying each combination of motor/driver/channel/wire.
Fortunately this Biolapse card has six available, so I was able to move everything from 4 to 5, then tune the steppers and it’s ALIVE!