Kingdom death: monster pt1

After years on the fence, drooling over the artwork, the detailed sculpts, and dark lore, I’m now the proud owner of a copy of #kingdomdeath I was holding off on beginning the models until now because I’ve got some clever ideas about magnetizing them…
Starting the assembly of the prologue survivors and White Lion, planning to go very slow and give the attention to detail these models need #kingdomDeath #miniatures
I’m done with the basic assembly of the Prologue survivors and the White Lion, so subtle sculpts, really beautiful like classical marble of bronze. Gonna take some extra time on their cleanup and gap filling, then properly pin them to their bases. #miniatures #kingdomdeath

Rodin sketch

Sketching from #Rodin at the #legionofhonor Last #drawing of 2017, My sketchbook and used to be inseparable, but for longer than I’d like to admit I haven’t been filling them up, I should make an effort to change that
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Sculpting shellmen

Set of sixteen cast #resin #shellmen bodies drilled and attached to bases #sculpture #art
. . .

Sitting in front of a roaring fire #sculpting #shellmen

Y2k Peregrine lights

Let there be lights! I was scared to try lighting it but it was much easier that I expected.

Just three hours and bits I happened to have. Now it’s got three white #led in the floor, two red for the engines, three yellow for the crew compartment and cockpit and a green for the coffee maker.

Not the cleanest wiring job but seeing the wires through the floor adds to the nature of the #spaceship #model #kitbash #lights #40k #y2kperegrine #starwars
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Wow, I'm stunned.I've gotten the prize from @roebeast45_ for the #trashbash 2017 contest and just wow. I'd built my model just for fun and to share and to get so many cool things out of it is a huge bonus! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone.Show these folks some love!@forgeofice @dragonforgedesign @startrooperminis Diego Diz of Ars Minima.
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Shellmen 2017

It’s that time once again, the #shellmen rise! I selected an aged branch from one of my trees, and chopped it into a new set of bases #sculpture #art
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March of the Four-armed Emperor’s children.