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Added a metal brace to work as a neck for this robot #knight so I could use the head I magnetized, also testing out the modular arms, which I made new fittings for to allow me to swap in any of the other arms I’ve modified #model #kitbash #wargaming #dreamforge #warhammer40k
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Irata DonQuixote

Since my large commission #donquixote is based on this guy and I need to get it finished up, I thought it’d be good to post up a pic of the original sculpture

Throne mechanicum

Modular tanks

I’ve been assembling parts and designing a format of modular vehicle for use in my game. These are pics of the first magnetized set. I wanted them to fit with existing models so am basing my experiments on some Models from a few sources

Church tank

More kitbashing on the church tank! I added a tech priest to the front as well as more mechanic I’m bits. I’m starting to think of this as a inquisitorial #landraider

Modular models brainstorming

Sometimes my working process is just to take things apart and hold them against each other, to try and see possibilities ways that models might be made to fit together and I challenge myself to see

Thanatar pt3

Finished assembly on the #thanatar decided to do #magnets inside the arms and shoulder gun so I can pose or swap in new ones #mechanicum #30k #model. . .