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Orktimus Prime

Many years ago, maybe 12? I took a #gamesworkshop #ork trukk kit and some ball and socket joints and kitbashed it into a cab over rig. Then carefully copied the design of the gen1 #optimusprime to make my own #OrktimusPrime I was heavily influenced by one I’d seen back on the waaagh forum and looted the idea. I’ve decided to revisit this model since my #robotfactory is giving me modular parts, and this guy always lacked weapons. It might finally be time to finish him up #kitbash #wargaming #transformers #40k
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Knights Renegade

The reason I brought out my old knight was that I just got a game that includes two of the new knight models, they look like great kits and I’m looking forward to putting it together and possibly harvesting some bits to finally finish mine #gamesworkshop #40k #art #modeling via Instagram http://ift.tt/2qockQM