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Finished magnetixing all of the armor plates on to my #knight now he can have swappable livery for different allegiances #knightshouse #40k


Castle greyskull pt3

Added a few colors of wash and sponged on some paint #castlegreyskull #knightshouse #terrain

.  .  .

Castle Greyskull pt2

Added plaster over the foam on #castlegreyskull and am glueing sand for texture. Added a couple tubes for towers, some #citiesofdeath walls, floors and a chopped yogurt lid for the crown and solar dome #terrain #40k #knightshouse
. . .

Castle Greyskull pt1

Challenging myself to make a quick castle from scrap this was about an hour in #castlegreyskull #miniature #terrain
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Some inspiration;

Mechanic stand pt1

I made this shade stand as a bit of a material test. I wanted to try making cloth folds and stretched tarps, so cut up a shopping bag, some cloth rags and tissue paper, and attached them to some sprue frame. I tacked them with glue and modpodge and added a few types of twine for rope, and added some triangular pennants cut from junk mail for color. I felt like the cloth needed some contrast. The ground I had thought I’d leave open, but have been thinking it might be cool to do some cracking pavement, so the last time I poured cement in the shop, I treated a stretched shop rag with some, will be curious to see how it dries… #terrain #warhammer40k #wargaming #knightshouse

Knight’s house

My mecha factory, #knightshouse It’s not done, still a lot of details left to add, clamps and servitors to build and repair the knights, more walkways and gantries… and as much as I enjoy seeing all the parts coming together I’m finding it too visually noisy, so it’s time. Time to prime. #kitbash #40k

All the main imperial knights parts…

All the main imperial knights parts have had magnets and fitted plastic sleeves added so it can be assembled and parts swapped #art #model #40k via Instagram http://ift.tt/2rBt0Ra