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Catch a riiiiiide!

For the Feb #trashbash challenge I took part of an ever useful broken transformer toy,

I combined it with misc hardware cast resin bits, string and staples to make a #wasteland console.

Taking more inspiration from the #borderlands catch-a-ride station.

I’m particularly font of the opening and closing action I kept from the toy.

I’d consider this objective complete and ready for paint now, which means I’ve got a few things lined up to throw pigments at… #terrain #wargaming #sculpture #kitbashing
. . .

Mechanic station pt2

Often as I work on these I think about their story, who uses this place, what it it for, I’ve determined this stand is a machanic’s shop. A stand for repairing and upgrading vehicles. The ‘Catch a ride’ stations in #Borderlands is an inspiration. Attached the shade stand to the cement ground and starting to layer water effects and ink for some oil spots. You can also see some of the added details, posters cut from junk mail, an old cabinet handle as an oil tank #terrain #wargaming #miniature #borderlands

Mechanic stand pt1

I made this shade stand as a bit of a material test. I wanted to try making cloth folds and stretched tarps, so cut up a shopping bag, some cloth rags and tissue paper, and attached them to some sprue frame. I tacked them with glue and modpodge and added a few types of twine for rope, and added some triangular pennants cut from junk mail for color. I felt like the cloth needed some contrast. The ground I had thought I’d leave open, but have been thinking it might be cool to do some cracking pavement, so the last time I poured cement in the shop, I treated a stretched shop rag with some, will be curious to see how it dries… #terrain #warhammer40k #wargaming #knightshouse