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Kingdom death models

Resculpting the seams between the parts to hide the construction and add some details where the parts flatten out with small batches of #greenstuff Totally unnecessary with kits these well designed but I wanted that little extra touch. The #kingdomdeath prologue survivors, White lion, and Butcher are ready to mount to their bases and prime. #miniature #art

Kingdom death models

Finished assembly or the #kingdomdeathmonster prologue survivors and the White lion, and did the butcher while I was it. The subtleties and detail of these figures amazes me, so many little parts that tightly fit together. I was really glad to have won some #kromlech thick superglue I wouldn’t have tried it on my own but it was exactly what I needed to put them together without drowning any details. #miniature #kingdomdeath #art

Sculpting shellmen

Set of sixteen cast #resin #shellmen bodies drilled and attached to bases #sculpture #art


Sitting in front of a roaring fire #sculpting #shellmen

Shellmen 2017 pt1

It’s that time once again, the #shellmen rise! I selected an aged branch from one of my trees, and chopped it into a new set of bases #sculpture #art

Head of DonQuixote

Head of #DonQuixote pulled from the mold and given a quick once over. Pretty happy with how he came out, the gears and metal look better than I’d expected. It’s pretty heavy though, and I’m feeling like I may need to reinforce the body frame even more before I even test it out. #art #sculpture

Cement in mold

#cementcasting head of #donquixote is just about ready to putt out of the mold, thinking of hitting it with a wire brush #art #sculpture


How does this happen ‘Just a little paint,’ I told myself, to make it look like ground. Some how several days of adding various types of sand and gravel, powdered pigments and glue were to follow. #terrain #painting #art #miniature