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More work in the robot factory. The #40k #knight kit has fingers made to be glued in a pose, but that wasn’t enough for me, so I drilled them and bent an axel out of wire to allow them to move #modeling #robot #mech #kitbash #wargaming. . .


Got some toys from the thrift shop for a couple bucks, fresh parts for #kitbash models #art #mech #robot via Instagram http://ift.tt/2r45DDo

Von Neuman Moderator Animatronic Robot (pt2)

VN Animatronic Robot (pt1)

VN animatronic robot

Its long been a dream of mine to have a real, working, robot. I know a working autonomous Animatronic Robot with an AI is far out of my depth, but I want one that can be programmed to act in movies, run my booth at conventions, talk to people and hand out flyers. Even something like the animatronic band at Chuck E Cheese.I have begun these videos as a behind the scenes for some of the construction.

As usual I’m relying on as many found and prefab parts as I can to achieve the mechanical production look and move as quickly through the construction as I can.

More detailed information on the Drab Future blog;

via Von Neuman Moderator Animatronic Robot (pt1).