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Castle greyskull pt3

Added a few colors of wash and sponged on some paint #castlegreyskull #knightshouse #terrain

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Knight sanctuary

I had been holding back on sharing this #terrain until it was finished, but it seems like that won’t be until the Knights themselves are painted too, and I don’t want to wait


Talking to some guys in my gaming group theee was a desire for LOS blocking #terrain in the form of large tanks, so I started these from spray paint lids

Castle Greyskull pt2

Added plaster over the foam on #castlegreyskull and am glueing sand for texture. Added a couple tubes for towers, some #citiesofdeath walls, floors and a chopped yogurt lid for the crown and solar dome #terrain #40k #knightshouse
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Castle Greyskull pt1

Challenging myself to make a quick castle from scrap this was about an hour in #castlegreyskull #miniature #terrain
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Some inspiration;

Post apoc Stripmall pt3

One pass of 4 colors with the #airbrush and then 2colors sponged on with a brown pigment wash. The colors are pulling the #stripmall together and weathering for the apocalypse.
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Post Apoc Stripmall pt2

I wanted some signs and banners for the #stripmall #model so I chopped up some junk mail and made some #collage.

Think these will bring in some bright colors and liven it up a lot. It’s definitely odd working at this size but fun and I could chop with abandon since its was trash anyway, no need to be precious #trashbash #terrain
. . .Someone called Vince Michael at the Inq group on facebook has been doing excellent terrain and a feature thats popped up for me a few times now has been the little prayer flags, so I thought I’d add a few here as well, its a nice way to bring in a bit of color and texture.

I attached a fan mesh to the roof and bent it up, added the #collages inside the exterior window displays and chopped up some clear blister pack plastic to make smashed windows.

. . .I’m adding a mixture of sand, cement, and plaster chips for the ground texture and to blend things together. #wasteland #terrain #miniature

Fired up the #airbrush a bit, starting to build up base colors on the #strip mall and objectives, I wish I’d learned the silly putty masking trick earlier could have saved so many rolls of tape #model #terrain #painting
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