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Drab Future

Its been nearly a year since I posted this first teaser trailer for my Drab Future series, and since then

I’m excited to say with the last pick-up shoot this weekend! I’ve been working hard to make the sets, models, costumes, props, shoot, and edit and completely put together the full pilot episode. I’m still deep in it and have been putting in 4-5 hours a night on weeknights, and 12 a night the weekends. I should have the new trailer ready for a special screening for my solo art show at Zero Friends in Oakland, the first Friday of June at Art Murmur.

For more info, check Drabfuture.com and like us on Facebook

IClone Matte painting set-extension

I did this as a bit of a quick test to see how possible it’d be to create a digital set-extension element.

I spent 4/5 hours the first night, and another hour last night using iClone and a few models from the 3Dwarehouse. There was no real time spent texturing yet, Just the stock diffuse map colors that the models had and a couple just a single light lots of ambient occlusion and basic IBL, dropping models in position, and setting up the camera.

I even took the camera for a quick zoom into it to see how close I could get before it looked… not so great. Yeah its pretty mid-90s video game, but better textures and lighting will enhance that a lot. Here are a few stills too, try to spot the Easter egg!