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Shark blood explosion

I was contacted by a friend who works at Revision3 and they had a producer putting together a small viral video for the Discovery channel’s #sharkweek. Since they needed a blood effect I gathered my stuff, and did a bit of brainstorming.

More testing of the air pressure and different payloads, also looking at ways to pre-cut the bottle to direct air-flow and influence the resulting explosion.

I tried a few methods and went between confetti and fake blood
Prepping blood packs for a side project, Shark Blood Explosion!

Arm and blood mixed…

Put together a fake arm on short notice, shark blood explosion!


Air mortar pt4 GORE BLAST

Continued from the experiments here; http://isdrab.com/2012/09/01/air-mortar-pt3/

Not quite ready for “real” pyro, but feeling pretty good about the compressed air rig and battery operated valve, I decided to apply it towards an effect I wanted for Drab Future.

Here is what I was looking at as reference. Specifically I wanted to use it for a blood squib effect and having someone lose an arm. I knew it could explode so it was a matter of seeing how much of a blast it produces, if it is safe for an actor to wear and exactly how it looks/works. I’d never strap it to someone else before testing it on myself first, so here goes;

I’m gonna need a lot of blood…
Gallon of delicious fake blood restocked.

IClone Matte painting set-extension

I did this as a bit of a quick test to see how possible it’d be to create a digital set-extension element.

I spent 4/5 hours the first night, and another hour last night using iClone and a few models from the 3Dwarehouse. There was no real time spent texturing yet, Just the stock diffuse map colors that the models had and a couple just a single light lots of ambient occlusion and basic IBL, dropping models in position, and setting up the camera.

I even took the camera for a quick zoom into it to see how close I could get before it looked… not so great. Yeah its pretty mid-90s video game, but better textures and lighting will enhance that a lot. Here are a few stills too, try to spot the Easter egg!




Air Mortar pt2

This is a continuation of my post here I sealed the leak, started using a more compact bike pump, and triggering it via the electric valve for these tests;

Air mortar pt1

I need to create some explosions for my Drab Future project and won’t likely have access to pyrotechnics, so I’ve got to improvise. I’ve seen plenty of great tutorials online, so I’d like to see what I can come up with myself.

I shot this video while I was testing out ways to create more practical effects on set, this is just the first test with the air-mortar rig, which is a lot like a spud gun. I’ll be doing more tests very soon…

Below are more tutorials that are in line to what I’ll be trying…

Air canon/mortars (these are Not mine, just posting as reference/tutorials)