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My first warhammer

Thrones 1992, 2000, 2018


Thanks to the generosity of an amazing coworker, I’ve got a ton of badass #30k #mechanicum #miniatures these are going to be fun, so many grimdark robots
. . .

12 jumpy robots thallanx?

Four bigger robots

Two buggy robots

Snail boy

Zipper face and floaty drone

Making Ink washes

This was my process for making my own ink washes; I used 4 or 6 small mixing cups, and picked 2 or 3 colors,

I started with about 50/50 water/pledge and a second cup water/matte with a few drops of ink,

I set up a ton of zombie minis. As I mixed I’d test on a mini, add more ink, more matte/polish test again.

Very unscientific but by the end I had a ton of finished minis and a few pots of ink washes I was happy with!


thanks for reading!

Colonial marines PDF Imperial guardsmen

I took some plastic #roguetrader era plastic guardsmen and a few kitbashed Aliens character miniatures from Leading edge that I picked up back in about 1995, (from SoL)



Some quick reprints on old #miniatures to fill out this themed squad of planetary defense fighters #40k #aliens #wargaming
. . .

Kingdom death: monster pt1

After years on the fence, drooling over the artwork, the detailed sculpts, and dark lore, I’m now the proud owner of a copy of #kingdomdeath I was holding off on beginning the models until now because I’ve got some clever ideas about magnetizing them…
Starting the assembly of the prologue survivors and White Lion, planning to go very slow and give the attention to detail these models need #kingdomDeath #miniatures
I’m done with the basic assembly of the Prologue survivors and the White Lion, so subtle sculpts, really beautiful like classical marble of bronze. Gonna take some extra time on their cleanup and gap filling, then properly pin them to their bases. #miniatures #kingdomdeath

ink Washes!

22802129_520172365017205_2973076465093967872_nDid a bIt of experimentation making my own ink washes. Planning to see if I can do these #zombies entirely with home made washes #painting #zombicide #miniatures


I’m learning  it reeeeeallly depends on the ink. The black ink I was using only took about four drops to get something decent for a weak wash in a small jar with 50% water and 50% floor polish, however the sepia burnt sienna and terracotta inks took about half the vial to get a wash not quite as potent.

Ships crew

I’ve been wanting to start a spaceship build, but thought I’d better have a crew first, so I put this ragtag group together with models from #colony87 #astropolis and cp models. It’s nice to have an assortment of characterful non-coms to be my pilots. I had a hard time coming up with a color scheme that remained muted, but conveyed the right tone, and fought the purple I’d added initially, but I’m happy with how they came out


I put this team together without knowing the goal, just a vague idea of a rebellious group of pilots and adventures, to work for my noble house. But as I painted, as I often do, I started brainstorming their backstory and place in the world, and realized they weren’t simply Rogue traders, like I’d first thought but something more…
We don’t hear much from the Sensei these days, but I suspect the descendants of the Emperor are still out there, keeping out of the Eyes of the inquisition…