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Leto 2

#Leto2 has been on the workbench forever now, asking for paint, how could I say no? Just base colors now, sloppy washes to warm up the skin tone #dune #miniature

Leto 2

Once again #leto2 has found his way to my workbench. This time just making adjustments to his face. I’d really like to call him done, cook the clay and start painting, but then in also still debating trying to make a mold of him and cast a small edition. I just know his face will want to catch air bubbles, so if I do it I really need to get out the pressure pot, and all, do it right… but the eagerness to be done might win out, and he may just be this one off. #dune #miniature #moldmaking

The Cogitor

The Cogitor, with his preservation jar filled with electro fluid. I had mixing cups out so I went ahead and filled it with epoxy resin for water effects. The brain is hollow so it floated and tipped a bit while curing, but overall I’m pleased with the effect. #art #40k #Dune #miniature #braininajar via Instagram http://ift.tt/2vB8e5w

The Cogitor

The Cogitor stands accused of heresy and crimes against humanity. I’ve been reading the earlier #Dune novels and couldn’t help putting these kitbashed models together #art #model via Instagram http://ift.tt/2wbrFDs

God Emperor, sculpting

A bit more sculpting on my God Emperor, he’s at that fiddling stage, not quite done but close, needs something. In the back of my mind I still want to mold and cast him, but I feel like it will have issues with air bubbles in the face/chin, so it may be a one off, still debating it #art #dune #miniature via Instagram http://ift.tt/2rUepEF

God Emperor Leto 2,

Did a bit more sculpting on the God Emperor Leto 2, getting the face details and a bit more bio mechanical feel to the inner textures #art #sculpting #dune #miniature via Instagram http://ift.tt/2rPILrF


Leto. I don’t usually share sculps this early on but I was pleased with how the first round of details went. Are used some press on nails for the beaky parts #art #dune #miniature #sculpting #quetzalcoatl #warhammer40k via Instagram http://ift.tt/2rCVb6c