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Never suffer the Witch.

Created for the contest; The Inquisitorium/INQ28 ‘Never Suffer the Witch’ Miniature Challenge!



Here is the full gallery of high res images, enjoy!

Rather than just make a single mini, I decided to finish up a whole squad of #Greyknight terminators, as well as a crashed #derelict ship for terrain and something for them to encounter, the mysterious #Cogitor, the living brain of an ancient being, preserved for millennia aboard the ship.

The Cogitor

The Cogitor, with his preservation jar filled with electro fluid. I had mixing cups out so I went ahead and filled it with epoxy resin for water effects. The brain is hollow so it floated and tipped a bit while curing, but overall I’m pleased with the effect. #art #40k #Dune #miniature #braininajar via Instagram http://ift.tt/2vB8e5w