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Painting details in the hive wall,

Had fun painting up the last few details for this section of @necro_studio hive wall, lots of meaty colors and inks, and couldn’t resist making a little egg objective marker from a couple spare bits as well #art #spacehulk #terrain #40k via Instagram http://ift.tt/2fVg1sB


Trying to block out some modular some alien ship corridor sections using my @necro_studio bits and some building parts #terrain #art #alien #spacehulk via Instagram http://ift.tt/2uoNZer


I just got a couple awesome sets of resin cast biomechanical #miniature wall panels and tiles from @necro_studio I think they are going to be a lot fun to paint and am excited to do some hive corridors #giger #alien #art via Instagram http://ift.tt/2u7nmL7