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Y2k Peregrine lights

Let there be lights! I was scared to try lighting it but it was much easier that I expected.

Just three hours and bits I happened to have. Now it’s got three white #led in the floor, two red for the engines, three yellow for the crew compartment and cockpit and a green for the coffee maker.

Not the cleanest wiring job but seeing the wires through the floor adds to the nature of the #spaceship #model #kitbash #lights #40k #y2kperegrine #starwars

Pilot and copilot seats

The pilot and copilot seats. More cockpit details, more tiny bits of cardboard. #y2kperegrine @miniaturescenery #spaceship

Cardboard control panels

Starting the details for the cockpit controls, more tiny individual laser cut cardboard parts. It’s pretty amazing how it all fits together like a puzzle. Some of the parts I have no idea about until I line it up and dry fit, and suddenly it clicks into place and I see it as a switch, or button. #y2kperegrine #model #spaceship #inq28 #cockpit

Cockpit frame

  1. Cockpit frame done, for the @miniaturescenery #y2kperegrine now on to hyper detail work with tiny laser cut cardboard. The details blow me away. Might need to start some of the paint too since it’s going to be tough once it get closed in #miniature #40k #spaceship

Y2K Peregrine

#y2kperegrine from @miniaturescenery I saw it when the prototype had just been made. This is a gift that has been on my workbench since August, it’s taken me that long to work up the nerve to begin. I don’t often do straight model kit builds, usually the instructions are the first thing to go and then I allow the kit to dissolve and digest into my bins until it can mutate into something new. I have to make an exception here, this kit is just too damn cool. The amount of design and detail placed into these flat interlocking laser cut parts. This is going to be a great build. #inq28 #miniature #kitbashing #lasercut #spaceship #starchild