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Bluescreen frame

Made some new pvc frames and changed out the backdrop, now I’ve got a seamless blue behind the stage #stopmotion #art #motioncontrol #cambot via Instagram http://ift.tt/2qmw8z3

The stage.

The stage. I realized that most of what I’ve been shooting is really small so the 4×4 stage was overkill, and I’d rather use the black background more often so I spent some time setting up the room to be better, split the stage in half, and raised it up, mounted some brackets to the wall and got rid of the stands, and ran my cables out of the way. It should be a lot easier when I get back to developing my motion control rig #cambot #stage #moco #stopmotion #art via Instagram http://ift.tt/2l6ifTU

Vader Strikes Back; Production design

I was asked to help out with some production design for a video with The Stunt People. This is the follow up to their viral “Vader Strikes” First-person goPro lightsaber duel video. This also gave me the chance to work with my friend Alain Bloch of the Golden Gate Knights, the san Francisco based lightsabre choreography group I’ve been a part of over the last year.

As usual I’ve documented the full process; Full gallery

After scouting the locations I constructed a bunch of props that would fit into the scenes and sell the illusion that we weren’t on earth anymore. I created five light pillars, a collapsible door, various wall panels, a working monitor panel, warning lights, and a working Airlock door.



The light pillars were multi function light sources, pulse/flash/flicker.

Ready for the shoot with @thestuntpeople now to figure out how to get it on my car and over the bridge

The Airlock door was able to open and close via a system of pulleys which I designed with help from Props2c

This was a great project and lot of fun to pull together in a couple weeks.