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Garden gate

Been hearing chainsaws lately, knew they were clearing overgrown plants from the park, but just went out to the #secretgarden and our whole tree line is gone! Feeling so exposed now. Going to have to make that big wooden gate sooner than I’d thought…
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With the tree line gone I had to finally build and hang the garden gate I’ve been planning. Pretty happy with it, I wanted something strong and medieval looking, and accidentally seem to have made a monastery entrance #secretgarden
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cement blocks…

I need to cast more cement blocks… #art #gardening #terrain #secretgarden via Instagram http://ift.tt/2k1Geai

New trees

Sculpting terrain IRL Planted eight new trees, 3 apple, 3 cherrry, a lime, and a pear. I had to do a bit of terracing, cut back some pretty tenacious ivy with a machete and cut down three oak trees, but I’m looking forward to having on orchard! (Thanks James!) #secretgarden #orchard #terrain #art #gardening via Instagram http://ift.tt/2ldJQ6a