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Vacuum forming

FB tells me this was three years ago, 
This was the last thing I pulled with my vacuum former. Not too bad considering it was a new machine we’d basically made that day. This was heated with a disassembled space heater and pulled with a shopvac.

I’ve had various levels of success with home made vacuum formers over the years and still intend to finish the big one.

Four years ago this was my larger machine, made with a crystal shop heater, but at 110v even with the box I made around it to direct the heat, it just wouldn’t get the full 2×2 surface, so dual heaters or 240v, I just need enough power for it…


Opened up my newest cast #cement #skull i used a bit of bubble wrap in the mold for texture #Trypophobia #art via Instagram http://ift.tt/2vWIJM6

easy face mold test

Trying to make an easy face mold off this horse skull, covered it in cling film and two full tubes of caulk. It’s been a week and it’s still not dry, but eventually I want to cast it in cement #art #skull #sculpture via Instagram http://ift.tt/2prcPWq

a coconut and dental castings.

The skull was made from a coconut and dental castings. Added keys to this #shadowbox #skull #art via Instagram http://ift.tt/1ZJUA8c