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Two steps forward

Two steps forward one back. Soldered up some new longer wires for the motors, long enough to go along the motion control camera crane. I’m now up to six drivers in here, which should be exciting, but instead I saw the #magicsmoke guess now I need to take it all apart again and test each part #troubleshootinghell #art #cambot via Instagram http://ift.tt/2qZQQKs

Bluescreen frame

Made some new pvc frames and changed out the backdrop, now I’ve got a seamless blue behind the stage #stopmotion #art #motioncontrol #cambot via Instagram http://ift.tt/2qmw8z3


Taking the advice of a super genius coworker I delved back into the guts of #cambot with my smallest soldering iron to check connections and clean up this mess of spaghetti. It took hours but I think my #motioncontrol rig is close, the motors now move in both directions! it might have been badly tuned #easydriver but now it seems like the tilt motor is having some torque/slipping issues #arduino #dragonframe #art via Instagram http://ift.tt/2qkFjEB

wiring on the pan and tilt

Did some more wiring on the pan and tilt #motioncontrol rig, checked the vga line for shorts and confirmed there was no short. One of the motors only travels in one direction and the other is underpowered, so the problem must be the stepper drivers, maybe they aren’t tuned right or a loose connection there #art #camera #cambot #arduino via Instagram http://ift.tt/2omderi

cambot progress.

More #cambot progress. I might have gone a bit loopy cutting and crimping wires but with these makeshift VGA plugs I think I’ll be able to use a KVM cable to go between the motors and power supply all the way up the crane #motioncontrol #moco #art #dragonframe #stopmotion via Instagram http://ift.tt/2lRfHZW

The stage.

The stage. I realized that most of what I’ve been shooting is really small so the 4×4 stage was overkill, and I’d rather use the black background more often so I spent some time setting up the room to be better, split the stage in half, and raised it up, mounted some brackets to the wall and got rid of the stands, and ran my cables out of the way. It should be a lot easier when I get back to developing my motion control rig #cambot #stage #moco #stopmotion #art via Instagram http://ift.tt/2l6ifTU

pan bearing

Still figuring out how the pan bearing and axel should work. I tried tapping a bearing and threading in some plumbing nipples, which hold it together well, until a few spins unthread the pipe and it all falls apart. #cambot #moco #pantilt #art #3dprinted via Instagram http://ift.tt/24rLDmw