Need to work on my computer today. Been putting it off… still am… Both monitors have gone black, hopefully just a loose connection somewhere… #troubleshootinghell


Working on the computer cabinet inspired me to finish getting the arcade buttons and joysticks hooked back up again. When I left off on it I’d added a few buttons and had it 90% installed but ran out of the proper gauge wire. There are 8 buttons per player plus 4 for each joystick, and pinball bumpers. I’m so glad I labelled everything otherwise there would be no making sense of all this. #spaghetti #arcade #mame #xarcade #neogeo


#arcade desk put back together. I had to use a bit of bailing wire and scrap wood to get the spare monitor fitted into the bezel, until I find a good replacement, but its working again. I finished cleaning up the wiring for the controls and got the panel back in, with its hinged door, to allow me to slide the keyboard and wacom tray out to work at the #desk

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