Reprap prusa Mendel i2

Installed the new end stop I printed last night, and #3dprinting a bit more this morning. Getting the settings dialed in a bit better and bed leveled. might be time to replace this old chipped glass plate, but thinking of working on the software side a bit more to try some better slicer settings and build a proper profile for the printer.

Definitely seeing improvement over the last few prints. I’ve only been #3dprinting these toilets because it was the last model I had prepped for my #dollhouse, and it’s got some challenges that make it less than ideal, lots of overhang, hollow, etc, It might be time to come up with another calibration test object which can tell me more about how the printer is actually working and point out ways to tune it. I’ve had my fill of bench and 20mm cubes though, so maybe something a bit more fun for science
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