iClone; Brad Isdrab, digital stuntman (part 1)

Here is the first draft of the digital stuntman I made of myself. I spent about two hours working with the software after listening to many tutorials while at work. I also shot some
I’d had only limited experience with real 3D modeling software, and I’ve always been really resistant to taking it up, “its better to do it for real’. With some of the projects I’m working on there may be no other feasible way to get what I’m hoping to do, and its about time I learned it.

This was the last time I worked in Maya, creating and rigging a simple character a couple years ago.

I’m only kicking myself a little for not starting sooner, but I have been picking it up pretty quickly.

These came out of iClone 4, which is a bit of a toy compared to 3DsMax or Maya. I’ve found it pretty useful for getting real time animation in a very short time, with an easy learning curve, and access to a lot of default settings, and templates, that can be very helpful.


I know at some point I’m going to run into a wall and find the end of the usefulness of iClone which will force me to branch out and expand the skillset, but for now I’m having fun…


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