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Trash bash prizes

24274111_731968740344939_9081117291172593664_nWow, I’m stunned.I’ve gotten the prize from @roebeast45_ for the #trashbash 2017 contest and just wow. I’d built my model just for fun and to share and to get so many cool things out of it is a huge bonus! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone.Show these folks some love!@forgeofice https://www.facebook.com/ForgeOfIce/ @dragonforgedesign https://www.facebook.com/dragonforgedesign/ @startrooperminis https://www.facebook.com/STARtrooperminis/https://www.facebook.com/darkageminis/https://www.facebook.com/Blood-and-Skulls-Industry-302835446422577/ @kromlech.eu https://www.facebook.com/kromlech.eu/And Diego Diz of Ars Minima.
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