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Blamo Nimbus

Once again I was invited to participate in a Blamo custom show, this time for their ‘Nimbus’ Figure. It had a lot of character, and as usual I set out to make it my own, but try to keep some of him there as well. I chopped him up and reposed, sculpted a detailed face and made him a little brass umbrella.

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Blamo Billy

Uploaded - 10\139-20

I was lucky enough to be one of the first artists to participate in the first Blamo toys custom show,11/10/09
Uploaded - 8\259-7
Work in progress gallery
I knew the things I wanted to change immediately, the subtle arms and static pose, definitely needed some exaggeration to the hands…
I picked some of my resin hands, and chopped the body up. I used aluminum armature wire and built it up with magic sculpt.
He was adopted at the show, and found a new home.
Uploaded - 9\299-8

Opening night

Blamo Toys is proud to announce the “Welcome to Blamo’ville custom show.”
Nov 8th and 13th 2009 Million Fishes Gallery SF CA

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