Pano pipeline

Looking at pano/latlong/cubemaps in Ue4 for VR

I spent the weekend trying to set up a pipeline for myself to go from some panos I shot into a VR scene. Its trickier than I anticipated.

Stitch pano in PTgui – export equirectangular – hugin/panotools export cube faces – stitch as .DDS in photoshop with nvidia plugin – import to Ue – convert texture to material, unlit, 2 sided, with emissive texture – create sphere in maya with inverted normals, import to Ue – apply DDS material to sphere…

…only to discover there is a ptgui watermark, and either the texture isn’t getting applied to the sphere correctly, or orientation of faces in the DDS were off, or something else… what a mess!

Anyway, that was my whole weekend, haha, I keep making steps to get closer to the plug and play world-building, photogrammetry to VR pipeline, but man, sometimes they are baby steps!

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