Mini tank kitbashing

Been kitbashing some ww2 treads, want to make some modular mini tanks and thinking if I made one set of tracks I could cast the pair.

Needed to block in some undercuts and holes to make the molds easier to open.

To work out my modular vehicle idea I need to go beyond just track choices and I wanted to have a variety of bits to play with as I figure out how sections fit together and what they need. Basically at this stage I needed a lot of rough parts to assemble and work out how the sections of the mini tanks will go together. I want all of them to be interchangeable and modular, so that they can easily combine upgrade and change.d

I placed the bits on some foamcore sheets and prepared to make molds. I got smart about the mold sizes and planned the sections so they would fit in the pressure pot, in case I decided to try and get bubble-free casts.

Mixing and pouring silicone mold rubber, I use chopped up old molds to fill in space.

After the mold cures I break the box open.

remove the parts

Gave it a couple days to cure, then pulled open the boxes and pried out the parts to reveal the lovely silicone molds

Next resin is mixed and poured into the molds

And new parts are ready!

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