Motion Capture Test2

Once again I preface this with ‘I’m not an animator…’ and ‘this is still Work in Progress…’

I am working on this test using a single Kinect directly into iClone, I’ve done a bit of clean up, (about an hour) mostly to get the MoCap clips strung together and timing closer, but for the most part its still pretty raw;

following this awesome choreography from Kyle and Erika, who brought you Jian sword Dancing;

There is still slipping/popping/jittering, especially when there is any occlusion but for a $300 software package with a single camera, its been fun. I’d love to be able to generate my own 3D elements for comp with very little experience, short time, and tools that can give me shortcuts šŸ˜‰

This was my first kinect attempt, with no cleanup

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