Doing some experiments in Unreal for VR on an Oculus go. I started with GearVR.

Some scale model photogrammetry

I wish I knew a way to adjust manipulators inside UE.

Navigating with the controller works via teleportation using Tom Looman’s blueprint for VR.(www.tomlooman.com)

The only thing that seems odd about it now, is that ever since UE 2.24.2 the trigger and D-pad both cast the ray fir teleportation. It seems that unreal changed the way the button listeners work. I think it must be here:

Because I caught this in my build log:

This feels like the right thing to fix

There are many things wrong in this image but fun to assemble a scene.

I wonder why the smoke doesn’t appear in the Oculus go

The model needs a pose, but I figured iut a bit of rigging in blender. I was able to salvage the work I did in iclone years ago. I might need to re rig him with a better standard UE mannequin to accept mocap.

His body is inside out, whoops

The photogrammetry wall could be sharper, both in detail and sharp mesh edges,

Guess it’s back to blender time…

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