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Gynoid Digital stuntman


I’ve been attempting using IClone for all my digital characters, including doubles for actors. I’ve been calling these “Digital Stuntmen”. This is a continuation of the project I started here; iClone; Brad Isdrab, digital stuntman (part 1)


This is testing new Gynoid texture maps with some quick bump maps and using Image Based Lighting. I’m seeing a lot more realism in the surface textures coming through from the bump maps and I think they will bridge the gap created by the low-res IClone models. I’ve been geeking out on tweaking the Reflection, Refraction, the amount of IBL influence, the Ambient Occlusion…

approx 3hrs work, lighting/texturing.

The next steps will be further cleaning the texture map, refining the bumpmap, and looking for other ways to improve it.

Since I had it all set I wanted to see it in motion, so here it is with very little anim, watch in Hi-Res…

The anim is *very* wonky, but my main concern was just to see her in the scene. It isn’t quite photorealistic, yet, but its come a long way since my first Image-based Lighting test with just the mapped texture on the model.

Gynoid Kick