Monthly Archives: January 2012

KRAWLR interior set construction pt.1

Much of Drab future will take place on board the KRAWLR, so I knew I’d need a good interior set, so early on I started transforming my studio into it.

I looked a lot at the genre and some of the amazing production design work done and gathered reference/inspiration, as well as submarines, space ships, inspiration “set” blog

I even went on a field trip to see one of the last WW2 battleships, the USS Iowa

I knew a few things I needed a few scenes; workshop, OP room, hallway, control room… and I had to find a way to work in a limited space, part by part, and using any thing I had on hand.

The first step was to start moving unrelated items away and create the walls I had, I knew I needed textured panels and a basecoat, so after a trip to the hardware store I added peg board panels and started covering everything with a dark grey. I figured this would work well for shining a light through to create a sense of depth.


Slowly it spread to the whole room…


As the KRAWLR is a scrap collector, It makes sense that the whole thing would contain bins of parts, so I gathered a rack of milk crates and enough robot parts to fill them, along with many of my sculpting supplies and materials


The peg board also gives me a good way of storing props 🙂


I found a bunch of sheets of plastic grid from a remodeling office building, which provided a good texture for the ceiling, after I hit it with a bit of paint for weathering.


And this hanging lamp was donated by my friend Webster Colcord who’s wife worked for a lighting company

I extended some supports to add ceiling panels across the room, and hung sump tubing.

I mounted a partly disassembled fan into some packing foam on the ceiling for a vent. The best part it, it still works!


Gynoid Kick

I threw this test together going for some anime-style over the top action with this to try out in-progress models of the VN and Gynoid and see how iClone’s Destruct-able props worked.

Motion Capture test 1

I love living in the future. I’ve been reading up on low tech and home brew solutions for Motion/Performance capture, and 3d scanning using the Xbox kinect. Its pretty impressive to see how quickly people took this hardware and have developed their own drivers


I just got one and have it hooked up to my computer through iClone to quickly try moving my digital doubles. I’m not expecting to get great animation straight out of it, but considering this is my first test, with no cleanup, I think this has a lot of potential for helping block out motion and timing.